2019 African STD and RAD (F) Championship – Day 2

Another racing day, this time with light wind conditions and only 2 races, both for the STD and RAD.
For the STD fleet the competition is high, with 5 different winners after 5 races!!!
On 2nd day the winners were Aly Badawy (EGY – R4) and Islam Khoualed (ALG – R5), pushing both up on the provisional results, the host country athlete leading with 14 points (nett), from the Egyptian (same points). On 3rd, with 15 points, Rodney Govinden (SEY) followed by Mohamed Kebaili (ALG) also with 15 points and the first day winner Manuel Lelo (ANG) with 16 points. These 5 athletes are the 5 winners of the first 2 days 5 races, clearly on a close fight for the desired African title and the consequent TOKYO2020 qualification (for the 2 top countries out of the 8 represented: ALG, ANG, EGY, MAR, MRI, SEY, TAN and TUN).

On the girls things look a bit more clear, with 2 athletes dominating the score – carving a 10 point difference to the 3rd: Khouloud Mansy (EGY) with 3 wins over 5 races (R1, R4 and R5) leads with 5 points, from Deisy Nhaquile (MOZ) with 7 points and one win, obliged to retire from the 5th race after seeing the 2nd yellow flag (R.42). The other win (R2) was from the 3rd classified after 2 days, Aya El-Zeiny (EGY), with 17 points (also aged 17 and the youngest of the girls), same points as the two high ranked Algerians, Maissa Abdelfettah and Mallia Karassane – showing up there will be a great fight for the podium on this class, with next Annaelle Felicie (MRI) and Sana Lechehab (ALG) only 1 point away.

Day 3 forecast is for stronger wind and high activity on the water 🙂